Saturday, January 14, 2006

Q & A on Evolution and Intelligent Design

From the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Q & A on Evolution and Intelligent Design


Below, I list the question. See AAAS’s answers with link above.

What is evolution?

Is evolution "just a theory?"

Is there "evidence against" contemporary evolutionary theory?

Is there a growing body of scientists who doubt that evolution happened?

What is intelligent design?

Is intelligent design a scientific alternative to contemporary evolutionary theory?

Why did AAAS boycott the recent Kansas State Board of Education hearings on evolution?

Aren't scientists really just afraid to debate proponents of intelligent design?

Doesn't fairness require that alternatives to contemporary evolutionary theory be taught in the public schools?

Still, it appears that scientists are arrogant or elitist when they refuse to participate in debates.

Are scientists trying to stifle discussion of intelligent design?

Are science and religion inherently opposed?

Can science stimulate religious thought?

Is the science classroom the appropriate place to discuss the religious interpretations of science?

Have scientists underestimated the impact of the intelligent design movement?

What are the stakes?

Tonyseb: I would answer some questions differently, especially those that include mention of “faith”. Thoughts?


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