Sunday, December 25, 2005

Understanding Evolution: 2005 Year-End Items

ITEM #1:

The University of California Berkeley has marvelously upgraded it “Understanding Evolution” website. Give it a look see, test its ability to answer your questions and help you find evolution information and resources:

ITEM #2:

Science magazine (, in its Dec 23 2005 issue reports as breakthrough of the year: “Evolution in Action”.

In addition to the article summary, the article list many important 2005 pubscientific articles reporting advances in our understanding of evolution.

Also, the article lists many interesting websites, including:

The Evolution Project

Nature Web Focus: The Chimpanzee Genome

Ensemble Chimp Resource

Becoming Human

Kimball's Biology Pages: Speciation

Evolution 101: Speciation

And much more. Get your hands on a copy. Some fee articles on the web edition.

ITEM #3:

Evolution: Modern Darwinism paints a more flattering portrait of humanity than traditionalists might suppose

The Story of Man
The Economist, print edition, Dec 24th 2005

Includes a survey on human evolution:

The proper study of mankind: New theories and techniques have revolutionised our understanding of humanity's past and present, says Geoffrey Carr (interviewed).

The long march of everyman: It all started in Africa. [TonySeb: Happy New Year, fellow Africans, every one. See also: Dennell R, Roebroeks W. An Asian perspective on early human dispersal from Africa. Nature 2005;438:1099-104.]

Meet the relatives: A large and diverse family. [TonySeb: Our genealogy.]

If this is a man: Why it pays to be brainy. [TonySeb: How much does it pay?]

The concrete savannah: Evolution and the modern world. [The Paleolithic paradigm; agriculture as a Faustian bargain; evolutionary psychology.]

Starchild: Evolution is still coming. [TonySeb: Argument for present-day continuing natural selection of genes in humans; cultural influences on genetic evolution.]

TonySeb: Pick up the Dec 24th print edition of The Economist, with “the story of man” on the cover. Some free articles on the web edition:


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