Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Major Darwin exhibit at New York’s American Museum of Natural History

November 19, 2005, to May 29, 2006

Exhibit website, includes videos:


From the journal, Nature (Nature 438, 741 (8 December 2005) doi:10.1038/438741b):

“The American Museum of Natural History in New York bills its new exhibition, Darwin, as the most in-depth ever mounted on Charles Darwin's life and thought. It's also well timed, coming as it does in the midst of litigation over 'intelligent design' in Dover, Pennsylvania, and in the run-up to the bicentennial of Darwin's birth in 2009. All that aside, Darwin is splendid: evolutionary biologist Niles Eldredge's exhibition takes us on a fascinating tour through the life of a great thinker, in what is a superb example of the curator's art.”

TonySeb: If you can’t visit, visit the rich, extensive website.


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