Sunday, April 29, 2007

Citizendium - An Expert-Guided Free Wiki Online Encyclopedia

Looking for a new online free encyclopedia with reliable information, check out Citizendium at Citizendium Homepage.

Citizendium, a start-up, recruits editors with credentialed expertise segregated into subject-area workgroups (economics, biology, arts, etc.) and subgroups. Those editors write and/or edit articles written by registered (Real Name required) users (free registration), and approve them for access to readers.

Registered users, whether experts or not, can write and edit articles, but all articles require fact-checking, clarity-checking, coherence-checking, and general quality-checking before approval. After approval, authors/editors can work on the latest pre-approval draft, and with further quality improvements, the new updated draft replaces the previously approved version.

If you'd like to participate as an expert editor, check out Citizendium's Homepage for a way to apply and for other ways you can participate.


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