Saturday, August 20, 2005

Poem: A Few Words

A Few Words

“In the beginning was the Word…”—
World-building Lego pieces.

Lego, Goddess of words.
Always hungry, we feed Her lexicons.

How many words to build the world?
Two, two bits. One know.

Two bits we call a quarter,
A quarter of a buck. Any one of four.

Four-play, word-play, on an okay day
In a world of words, you have your say.

Some new words—
Bacedif, bacedifog, bacedifoguh.

When we discover something new,
Lego forbid we don’t clothe the naked thing.

So few vowels. We need more.
We need to genegineer an extra tongue.

Tongues. Useful little devils. For cursing,
The specialty of devils. And praying.

The specialty of saynts.
Say it ayn’t so, Lego Jo.


NB: All neologisms dedicated to Lego. Lego my foot.


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